Monday, July 11, 2011

Iron Hill Video

Good video from the Iron Hill Twilight Crit in West Chester, PA Saturday night. Enjoy

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


TT Bike Sold

TT Bike For Sale

So it's time to sell my tt bike. It's sad to see it go, but I don't like to see nice bikes like this one sit around and just collect dust. It's a great bike: stiff, fast and looks cool. I didn't ride or race it much maybe 10 times all of last year, so it's like new. I'm not selling it with race wheels, but when I raced it I used a Hed disc and tri spoke and it was awesome. So hear you go -- look it over and if you are interested or have questions e-mail me at

  • 2010 Giant Trinity Alliance

  • Size Medium (54cm)

  • Vision Tri-Max Integrated R-Bend Bar’s (with Vision Brake Levers)

  • Shifters- 10sp Dura- Ace

  • Front Derailleur- 10sp Ultegra SL

  • Rear Derailleur- 10sp Ultegra SL

  • Crank Set- 10sp Dura-Ace 53-39 (172.5)

  • Bottom Bracket- Dura- Ace

  • Brake Calipers-10sp Ultegru SL

  • Wheels-Bontrager  Race Lite

  • $1,800

  • Friday, December 31, 2010

    Last day in Belgium!

    Today is my last day in Belgium. It has been fun but I’m ready to come home. My last race was yesterday in Bredene. It was a C2 and the fastest C2 I’ve ever done. Sven Nys, Stybar, and Niels Albert were there and if you don’t already know – they are the three fastest dudes in World right now. Each of them is making 12,000 Euro a start right now and that is just to start a race! Anyway the race went pretty well for me - other than the start where I slipped a pedal. I was the last guy off the pavement – nothing like starting DFL! The race was really fast and the course was super tacky so you could just let it all hang out. I felt really good and was able to pass a lot of guys early and found myself in a small group right around top 40. It was a lot of fun and really hard to go that fast! In the end I finished 39th which is a good result for me being my last race over here. It’s funny to think I might have actually gotten faster over here.

    Ok, enough about the race. The most important thing is I got all my shopping done today for the peeps back home. Went to a real chocolate store and bought half-a-kilo of chocolate. It seemed like a lot but I’m sure someone will eat it. I also purchased a large amount of Speculoos. If you don’t know what it is then you’re missing out.  Imagine the best thing in the world to spread on your toast or bagel and that is Speculoos!   All right…time to go – Els is cooking Bugs Bunny for New Years Eve dinner! Yum

    Els cooking Bugs Bunny
    A few days go I did a blog for for Euro Cross Camp. Every rider at the camp does one to help keep everyone up to date on what is going on over here so check them out.